DP 98


  • Potassium Phosphite in DP 98 stimulates root growth and improves establishment of young plants. This results in a more regular crop stand and higher plant population.
  • Conventional phosphate products will be mobilised in the plant through the xylem and often fail to supply the crop with sufficient phosphorus.
  • Omex DP 98 will however translocate phosphorus through both the phloem and the xylem and thereby supplying essential phosphorus to the root zone and the crop canopy.

Time of Application : After leaf initiation stage

Dose : Drip – 500 ml per acre

Spray – 2 ml per Liter Water



Omex DP 98 Specification

Wt/Wt Wt/Vol
Nitrogen N 5.00% 6.67%
Phosphate P₂O₅ 28.00% 37.80%
Potassium K₂O 13.00% 17.00%
Phosphorus Acid Equivalent 425g/Litre
pH (10% Solution) 5.0-7.0
Specific Gravity 1.33-1.35/ml. @ 18°C


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