Kingfol Zinc 70


  • Zinc is involved in the formation and activation of hormones that regulate root development, water uptake, flowering and fruit set.
  • Zinc plays a major role in the structure and function of the integumentary system, affecting skin elasticity, wound healing and disease suppression.

Time of Application : In initial crop growth stage

Dose : Drip – 100 ml per acre

Spray – Half ml per Liter Water



Omex Kingfol Zinc 70 Specification

Wt/Wt Wt/Vol
Zinc Zn 39.50% 70.00%
Nitrogen N 00.90% 01.70%
pH (10% solution) 8.5-9.5
Specific Gravity 1.71 g/ml @ 18⁰C

Features of Kingfol Zinc 70 over other Zinc source

Features Zinc Sulphate Chelated Zinc 12% Omex Zinc 70
Dose/Acre 10 Kg 750 gram 100 ml
Mixing with Other Fertilizers Not Recommended Can be mixed Can be mixed
DAP Compatibility Very Less Fully Fully
Fixation in Soil 96-98% Do not get fixed Do not get fixed
Leaching, Wastage No Wastage No Wastage No Wastage
Effectiveness For long duration For less period For long duration
Hazardous to Health Mercury/Lead Not at all Not at all
Cost per acre (Rs.) 260/- 400/- 250/-
Availability to plants 21-84 gram 75 – 90 gram 140 gram
Use for Seed Treatment No Yes Yes


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